Saturday, September 15, 2012

Audra's Iris Garden

Mom (Linda Brannock) sent me a package this week. Oh lawdy! She knows I love Bearded Iris. 
This fabric line is Audra's Iris Garden by Brannock & Patek for moda (available January 2013).
 Along with the large Bearded Iris are smaller Iris over a subtle background print. I cannot decide which are my favorite colors!
 I love the little feathers; they will work in well with many other prints I have in my stash.
As will these "clouds" and stripe (bottom left)

The next two photos are also Brannock & Patekbut the line is Awakening. 
Love, love.

 I love playing with mixing them up; seeing how they look together.
 My Irish soul has a special fondness for greens.
 Spots of lavender make me smile.
 Perhaps I will make a red quilt?
Or a fabulous chocolate brown one?
The Iris below look fabulous in the plantation pink guest room. Lots of pink, lots of purple, and lots of green (oh, and yellow too) equals lots of smiles on my face.
Smiling, Irish, Iris lover here!
(say that thr
(Linda Brannock's daughter)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog Mix Up

Please see Mom's official blog page at this link:
Linda Brannock

Hooked Rugs

 One this visit to Mom's (Linda Brannock's) house, I got some photos of her hooked rugs.
 I should have put something in the shot to give you a scale.
 This one of little girls is bigger than the first two, and the house is really big (maybe 4x6?).
 I love this house on the hill. Canvas for the girls is available at Wooly Woolens by Janice Johnson. Some of Mom's other designs are there too, and the log cabin canvas will be available soon.
 I dragged this runner out of the bedroom hallway (pardon the shadows from the lawn chairs).  

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Guest Blogger

I want to introduce myself.  I am Karmen, Linda Brannock's daughter.  My mother would love to be a blogger, but since she is busy doing other things, the learning curve got lost amongst the many non-linear paths of focus that are her nature, so to speak.  I decided I will show you around a bit.
 She (mother) and her design partner, Jan Patek, are just silly crazy about their newest fabric line.  I got a call the other night to search my fabric stash for the diagonal red plaid that mother thinks I absconded with to Atlanta from Kansas City.  I don't have it.  I looked everywhere possible, but I am sure Mom and I just don't have any yardage of any of the REMEMBRANCE line.  Moda sent us all manner of pre-cuts.  But the need was for yardage.  I am not sure what she is cooking up.

I get to visit my mother at her home outside Kansas City whenever I can take some time off from working at a college here outside Atlanta.  Lately, when I've visited, we have worked on this Rattlesnake design from a class mother took from Karen Stone.  Yes, even designers have their UFOs.  One of the perks of being her daughter is I can scavenge some pretty cherry UFO projects and make them my own.  She won't let me bring it home to work on though, and she doesn't touch it when I am gone.  So the progress is S-L-O-W.
 I did abscond to Atlanta with this little quilt.  At the time I figured it was easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.  Now it is hanging in my guest bedroom, she knows it is here, since she reads MY blog daily, and she has graciously decided it should stay at my house.
My attack Kitten guards it with her life.